Record sealing

Having a criminal conviction on your record can have a disastrous effect on your livelihood. For example, when applying for a job, citizenship or residency, a loan, or to purchase a firearm, a background check is generally conducted. If certain convictions are present on your record, you may be denied many opportunities. Even if you… Continue Reading »

Probation violations

If you are on probation and are accused of violating the terms of your probation, generally your probation officer and the prosecution will seek to revoke your probation and have your suspended sentence imposed—sending you to jail or prison. There are two types of probation violations: technical violations and new offenses. A technical violation means… Continue Reading »

Passing a check with insufficient funds in drawee account

Most major casinos in Las Vegas will issue checks known as “markers” as a courtesy for players who wish to gamble, but who do not want to carry large amounts of cash with them into the casinos. Typically, the marker indicates that it must be paid within a certain period of time, such as 30… Continue Reading »


The penalties for driving under the influence in Nevada are severe, and include incarceration, fines, license suspension, community service, and alcohol or substance abuse classes. After an arrest for DUI, the accused will face two proceedings: one for the criminal offense, and another for revocation of their driving privileges.   If you have been arrested… Continue Reading »

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault, or rape, is one of the most serious offenses in the state of Nevada, carrying a penalty of up to life in prison. False accusations of sexual assault are not rare occurrences. In fact, an organization known as the Innocence Project has exonerated over one hundred people who were falsely accused of rape… Continue Reading »